Shkwum is a multi-purpose word relating to a feeling or emotion that did not previously have an English name. The best way to explain the concept of shkwum is through examples.
1. Love Shkwum

-ex. the wedding kiss; the graduation picture of two best friends hugging; the movie version of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”


-ex. the end of Romeo and Juliet when Romeo is already dead, and Juliet awakens to find him dead; the scene in The People vs. Larry Flynt where Larry finds his AIDS-weakened wife, Althea, drowned in the bathtub

2. Cute Shkwum
-ex. baby animals; adorable little cartoons, little kids (like when they mess up on words, i.e. valinna instead of vanilla, pasketti instead of spaghetti)

3. Nostalgia Shkwum
-ex. Childhood memories

4. Pride Shkwum
-ex. School spirit(your school winning a math competition); country/ethnic background pride, patriotism

5. Miscellaneous Shkwum
-ex. the circle of life; the feeling you get when you hear a really cool song/lyric/quote

ex. of a shkwum quote:

We are all angels with but one wing, And only by embracing each other can we fly. —Luciano de Crescenzo

What Shkwum is not: 1.”vaclempt” from Saturday Night Live, i.e. getting choked up (but you CAN shkwum about someone else getting choked up.
-ex. watching someone get teary-eyed as they accept an award WOULD be shkwum for the viewer, but the person getting teary eyes is NOT shkwumming.

Shkwum can be used many different ways in a sentence. As a noun (the actual feeling); a verb (I was shkwumming); an adjective (that movie was so shkwum); or just an exclamation (Aw, shkwum!)
Smaj-(smadge)-adjective: To know exactly where you are, but to not know how to get where you want to go. People often use the term lost when they are not lost. They usually know where they are, but just don’t know how to get to where they need to go.